m+d {ageless beauty}

megan has been my most constant model for years now – and it wasn’t always fun: i once had to photograph her every single day for a month. the term ‘photograph’ became ‘pester’. our collaborations have really improved since then, but the reasons she’s a great model haven’t changed: gorgeous blue eyes, fierce expressions, and glowy skin.

this is one of my favorite shoots from this winter, mostly because i think the clothing and makeup work really well with the gloomy weather. we had to work fast before it began to rain profusely, and we were using the self-timer on my camera (which is always fun – you get to scurry back and forth and strike a pose before 10 seconds are up, especially good times in heels).

"...you can see it from the surface..."

it was fun to play dress up. we felt like two little kids, prancing around in dresses and heels in drizzling, overcast weather. and, since the dress i wore belongs to megan’s mother, we kind of were! we tried to go to a different location at first and were politely told that we were trespassing, but i used to run by our plan b property a few times a week and i wish it was mine! it has a beautiful little orchard and greenhouse.

"oceans won't freeze, so loosen your heart..."

the song ageless beauty by stars came into my head while i was editing these and i couldn’t get it out. i feel that the lyrics describe the concept we were working with: an audrey hepburn-style sort of elegance. ageless beauty embodies patience and contentedness. it is selfless love, the light that is so obvious, that “you can see it from the surface.”

"we will always be a light"

after we got rained out, we decided to use the window light in my kitchen, since we were all dressed up. it was rather cramped, but worth it.

"time will hold its promise"

the way meg wrapped the scarf around her head reminds me of vermeer. all she needs is a pearl earring.

fin. ❤