marie {oregon editorial photography}

i see that we’re made of more than blood and bones // see we’re made of sticks and stones Advertisements

Sara’s Bridal Shower {Oregon Wedding Photography}

I had so much fun at Sara’s elegant “Alice in Wonderland” bridal tea, hosted by her sister (and my friend) Brie. From the wonderful hats to the beautiful menu cards to the unique… Continue reading

begin again + sneak peek {oregon editorial photography}

i moved to corvallis when i was 9. i’ve lived here continuously since i was 15. so i’ve got over 10 years of history here. my family had planned to make this their… Continue reading

carley {oregon editorial photography}

i had 2 rolls of film from this shoot. i was so excited about them… and BOTH rolls were blank. this has only happened to me once before and that was because the… Continue reading

following {oregon portrait photography}

photo day with megan, one of my most frequent muses. she took a few pictures of me as well. i’m waiting for the film to come back but these are some of my… Continue reading

Dennis & Melissa {Portland Wedding Photography}

Dennis & Melissa are a wonderful couple and it was such a joy to be part of their beautiful wedding! Yasmin Khajavi was kind enough to have me along as 2nd shooter. She… Continue reading

carley :: sneak peek {oregon editorial photography}

kate | film {oregon portrait photography}

these are film scans from late summer (i think. it’s been awhile). no editing except for a few changes to black and white. photographed in independence, oregon with a hasselblad 501cm using expired… Continue reading

texas | film {personal}

these belong with a previous post. but since i’m bad about labeling my film and having it processed with any sort of regularity, i just found them recently. 2 frames from texas this… Continue reading

tessellate {oregon portrait photography}

’cause dire times call for dire faces // so lovely dancer, call a dancer // trade our places in the night

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