i am a lemon person {self-portrait}


my other valentine {personal}

i’m prepping a self-portrait post for tomorrow, but i thought it would be fun to share a few (gratuitous) pictures of my pup Ella Roux. As you can see, she exudes canine wisdom… Continue reading

megan {oregon portrait photography}

you know you’re not the only one, when they all come crashing down midflight, you know you’re not the only one

mary {oregon portrait photography}

in the hearts of the blind something you’ll never find is a vision of light  

take 2: chocolate chip cookies {cooking}

+ = PS. this is the 2nd time i have attempted this recipe. the first time was too embarrassing to share. i’m serious, i nearly cried. you’ll notice that my cookies aren’t as… Continue reading

“…at the red & black” {personal}

and so continues my excursion with family in the beautiful rose city. after the zoo, we headed over to the national college of naturopathic medicine to read and wait for my mom to… Continue reading

books + bats + lorikeets oh my! {personal}

my mom had an herbal conference in portland this past weekend, and i came to entertain my dad & sister. and i took way too many pictures. i’m pretty good at ruthlessly culling… Continue reading

sunshine in winter {cooking}

i get depressed in winter. and baking makes me happy. 🙂 AND i’m still obsessed with cupcakes. AND i’m reading ‘the particular sadness of lemon cake’ which happens to have a huge picture… Continue reading

j {oregon portrait photography}

good morning. quick shoot before yoga. jamaica was freezing at this point so we went inside – my little attic corner has cool window light.

dark come soon {oregon portrait photography}

a few more from a very short shoot with my friend brie – not only was it raining but it was also sundown. but underexposures, although difficult to work with, convey a specific… Continue reading

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