‘underland’, hamentaschen, ice skating, and the end of auction 1 {today}

i have just returned from a lovely and much-needed four-day vacation. it was my little sister’s 9th birthday, and we went ice skating. besides many near misses, and a few actual tumbles, i… Continue reading

chile vs. haiti

as many of you know, impulse hosted the Help Haiti Auction Exhibit on saturday – the same day that we heard of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in chile. my parents lived in chile… Continue reading

love from the GT {newspaper article}

Tyler and I had the opportunity to speak with a reporter from local paper Gazette-Times yesterday! The article ran on the front page today, and we’re so excited to share the Help Haiti… Continue reading


today i have finished the last of the month’s photo shoots. this relief is dampened slightly by the fact that there’s still loads to do for the auction and for the exhibit on… Continue reading


in honor of the sunshine outside and the lovely hug-everything feelings that are welling up inside me because of it, i just wanted to say a few things about giving. this world has,… Continue reading

m+d {ageless beauty}

megan has been my most constant model for years now – and it wasn’t always fun: i once had to photograph her every single day for a month. the term ‘photograph’ became ‘pester’.… Continue reading

b. {in carnival-land}

originally, i wanted to photograph brie as alice in wonderland. we went to an abandoned amusement park, and the whole alice-in-wonderland concept didn’t really pan out, visually. but thematically, it works for me… Continue reading


a short rant: a friend of mine had a confrontation with a teacher over the meaning of his work, which got me thinking about the meaning of my own work. sometimes i think… Continue reading

mother + daughter

cold day but warm-fuzzy-photos with jamaica, her mother miriam, and their cat, mama kitty (who, incidentally, is my childhood cat katan’s mama!). miriam recently moved back to corvallis from cottage grove, which, lucky… Continue reading

j. [circles]

this is my beautiful friend, who i love to photograph. that’s pretty much all there is to it. tonight i’ve been playing with speckles and circles. it’s not particularly original, perhaps, but it… Continue reading

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