a. {figure study}

finally done editing the figure shoot from december – here are a few of my favorites. find the rest on my flickr ~ http://www.flickr.com/photos/daronaliya/ this week i’m still trying to organize a benefit… Continue reading

expired [film]

i’ve shot many rolls of film since fall and hadn’t had any way to process the color… until now! i just got my expired color film back from the lab and was very… Continue reading

help-haiti: let’s have a photo benefit!

below is a link to the help-portrait blog. their most recent post includes a wonderful idea to hold a photography benefit show, with proceeds going to haiti, just like they did for disadvantaged… Continue reading


i’m hoping that the creation of this blog will bring me back to journaling – which i haven’t been doing as often as i’d like. i’m pretty sure that that has something to… Continue reading

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